January 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Some of the playoff standings matter about the games played today. I am going to start with the AFC. The New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers are in the Divisional round right now. The Patriots already made the Divisional round. The Steelers need to win against the Browns to get it. If they lose, but the Ravens win the Ravens get the Divisional. Now lets move on to the Wild Card Rounds. The New York Jets are there along with the Chiefs, Ravens, and the Colts. Speaking of Football, many games are on right now. The Ravens as we talked about, have a small chance of Divisional round but it seems unlikely. The Jets are getting a low seed at the record of 10 and 4. They are still a good a team. The Colts basically made a sixth seed but may not actually have it if they lose and the Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Texans.

Now here is the NFC standings. I said something about this earlier as well but since I did the AFC I will do the NFC also. The Falcons have a 12 and 3 record they pretty much have the 1st seed if they win against Carolina, they get the 1st seed. The Bears have a very small chance of the first seed because of the Falcons who are expected to beat the Panthers. The Bears themselves have a hard team to beat and that is the Packers. Falcons and Bears have a expected first round  skip which brings them straight to the Divisional round of the playoffs. The Philadelphia Eagles are coming off a huge shock losing to the Minnesota Vikings which took their chances of a skip to the second round away. Philadelphia lost to the Bears and Vikings and that has them locked into the 3rd seed. However, if a few things happened, the Eagles would have a first or second seed. Now here is a seed I really don’t get at all I do not even know why a team from there division should go to the playoffs and I am talking about the NFC West. The teams are no offense to them but they stink. They have a losing record right now its 7 and 8. The Rams may make it or the Seahawks and that matters about how wins today when they face each other the game starts at 8:30. The Saints and the Packers are right behind the Rams.


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