Pats offense Bears defense

December 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

The Patriots offense is now facing the Bears defense in the NFL. Tom Brady is still a very talented QB. He does not have speed and he’s not really supposed to either. But the way he throws to his receivers and the way the Patriots connect makes it look so easy for them. He has targets like Danny Woodhead and Wes Welker. He can find a way to get everyone involved. The Patriots also have a very well playing running back who’s name is Benjarvis-Green-Ellis. He is a very good running back. Aaron Hernandez is a good tight end. Wes Welker is a fast receiver and can catch well and once he gets the ball he becomes dangerous. Julian Edelman is just like Wes Welker but a bit worse. The Patriots offense is wonderful when quarter back Tom Brady runs it. But the Bears defense plays just as well. They would have trouble but they can stop the running game. The passing game they might be able to cause Brady’s passes to be off with the pressure and the defensive backs are not as bad either. This is going to be a very interesting and I’m looking forward to watch it.


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