Steelers, Bills game

November 29, 2010 § 1 Comment

Many people expected the Pittsburgh Steelers to win this odd game. Surprisingly, the Bills put up a fight. You could not tell what would happen until the last second. Steve Johnson had the ball in his hands to win the game at one moment, in the endzone and he dropped it. Troy Polamalu had a key interception. Anyway, the Steelers won in overtime by a Shaun Suisham field goal. Instead of being domination, the Bills lost by a field goal. The Steelers still have a really good record.


§ One Response to Steelers, Bills game

  • jake says:

    This was crazy. It looks on paper, no chance for the Bills. But these Bills are a good team, and put up a fight. That’s why games aren’t decided on paper i guess. Man… Stevie Johnson, scoring three TDs the game before, and everyone thinks he is a stud… and Fitzpatrick throws a perfect pass, he runs a perfect route, and you think… BILLS BEAT THE STEELERS!!! And then… whoops, i forgot to CATCH THE BALL. Good game anyway Bills. They could be a decent team next year. Nice blog BTW.

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