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In the football world, lots of things are going on. Preseason just started. Jeremy Maclin is out for season which is a huge blow to Philadelphia. Also in Philly, there is a QB battle between Michael Vick and Nick Foles. Percy Harvin might be out for season for the Seahawks and is definitely out for 9 weeks. Dennis Pitta is out for season probably and lots of other things are happening.



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Some of the playoff standings matter about the games played today. I am going to start with the AFC. The New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers are in the Divisional round right now. The Patriots already made the Divisional round. The Steelers need to win against the Browns to get it. If they lose, but the Ravens win the Ravens get the Divisional. Now lets move on to the Wild Card Rounds. The New York Jets are there along with the Chiefs, Ravens, and the Colts. Speaking of Football, many games are on right now. The Ravens as we talked about, have a small chance of Divisional round but it seems unlikely. The Jets are getting a low seed at the record of 10 and 4. They are still a good a team. The Colts basically made a sixth seed but may not actually have it if they lose and the Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Texans.

Now here is the NFC standings. I said something about this earlier as well but since I did the AFC I will do the NFC also. The Falcons have a 12 and 3 record they pretty much have the 1st seed if they win against Carolina, they get the 1st seed. The Bears have a very small chance of the first seed because of the Falcons who are expected to beat the Panthers. The Bears themselves have a hard team to beat and that is the Packers. Falcons and Bears have a expected first round ¬†skip which brings them straight to the Divisional round of the playoffs. The Philadelphia Eagles are coming off a huge shock losing to the Minnesota Vikings which took their chances of a skip to the second round away. Philadelphia lost to the Bears and Vikings and that has them locked into the 3rd seed. However, if a few things happened, the Eagles would have a first or second seed. Now here is a seed I really don’t get at all I do not even know why a team from there division should go to the playoffs and I am talking about the NFC West. The teams are no offense to them but they stink. They have a losing record right now its 7 and 8. The Rams may make it or the Seahawks and that matters about how wins today when they face each other the game starts at 8:30. The Saints and the Packers are right behind the Rams.

NFC Playoff Picture much more clear with Eagles loss to Vikings

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The NFC playoff picture is very clear now:

1. Atlanta- Clinched a playoff spot and can clinch the number 1 seed with a win over Carolina Sunday.

2. Chicago- Clinched a first-round bye with the Eagles loss to Minnesota. Has small chance as 1st seed but seems unlikely.

3. Philadelphia- Locked into 3rd seed.

4. St. Louis/ Seattle- Win and in game on Sunday.

5. New Orleans- Clinched playoff berth. Can potentially win division, but unlikely.

6. GB/ NYG/ TB- Right now, Green Bay is the #6 seed, and can clinch that by beating Chicago Sunday. New York can get the 6th seed by beating Washington on Sunday, and then Green Bay has to lose to Chicago. Tampa Bay can get a playoff berth with Green Bay and New York both losing on Sunday, and then Tampa Bay beating New Orleans.

Basically, everything is settled except the 4th and 6th seeds.

Eagles Vikings game moved to Tuesday

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First of all, let me say I am sorry for not typing posts for about 6 days. Now I am going to say that the Eagles and Vikings game will be moved to a different time. Michael Vick, the Eagles quarterback is terrible in bad weather like the snow storm in Philadelphia. If some of the snow is moved that would probably be good for the Eagles because Vick would have an easier time playing football. Back to the snowstorm. Many of the people did not want this change. Some people said the NFL’s owner should be fired. A large amount of people brought up snowstorms teams have played in. Like the Packers and Giants game in 2007. That game had a bunch of snow in it. But they still played. The Packers and Giants game just ended with the Packers crushing. The important thing is the game will be moved. We will see what happens in this game.

Last minute play

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The Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants had a matchup against each other. The game started off with the Giants dominating. Some Eagles fans left. But by the end of the game, the score was completely changed. The Eagles had a chance. Into halftime the Giants were still doing domination. Then the fourth quarter changed the NFC East battle.The Eagles comeback began in the fourth quarter. The main thing was DeSean Jackson’s last 30 second touchdown. ¬†Jackson completely fooled the Giants. He said that he panicked when he muffed the punt. But really it made his return beter. After he found the open space, he was able to easily have a touchdown. Jackson is either the fastest or one of the fastest NFL football players. The Eagles won that game with a comeback, 38 to 31.

Eagles and Giants prediction

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Michael Vick throws for 228 yards, 4 touchdowns, 45 rush yards, and 21 of 28. I think that Eli Manning will throw for 154 yards, he will get 2 touchdowns, 7 rush yards, and 17 of 25.

LeSean McCoy will rush for 101 yards, 1 touchdown rushing, 1 receiving, 4 catches 21 carries, 53 receiving yards. Brandon Jacobs will rush for 84 yards, 1 touchdown rushing, none receiving, 1 catch, 10 yards, 15 carries.

DeSean Jackson will have 6 catches, 103 receiving yards, 12 rush yards, 2 touchdowns. I think that Hakeem Nicks will have 4 catches, 56 receiving yards, and a touchdown.

I am guessing Jeremy Maclin will have 4 catches, 54 yards, and no touchdowns. Mario Manningham will have 4 catches, 61 yards, and 0 touchdowns.

Those are my predictions for the Eagles and Giants. Steve Smith is out with an injury. People on injury for the Giants are

Osi Umenyiora probable

Justin Tuck probable

Mario Manningham probable

Chris Snee probable

Shaun O’hara questionable

Shawn Andrews questionable

Devin Thomas questionable

Michael Boley questionable

Thats it.

Donovan McNabb benched for the rest of the season

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Today the Redskins said that they have benched Donovan McNabb for the remainder of the season. Rex Grossman will start the rest of the games, Josh Beck will be the 2nd QB and McNabb will be the emergency third qb. McNabb hasn’t had his best season this year, it’s actually the worst since his rrokie season, but the Redskins aren’t helping him. EVERYONE keep on dropping the ball except maybe Chris Cooley. The defense sucks. The Redskins suck. The Redskins disrespected him. Shanahan said that “i cannot guarentee mcnabb on the team next year”

Wow. Terrible.